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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

toxic femininity

Destroyed: New age feminist battles Cambodian tiger mom

An Aussie new age feminist's attempt to inflict social justice backfired spectacularly when the heathen she was saving turned out to be a powerful Asian tiger mom. The dispute left locals demanding increased screening of tourists allowed entry, while...

French snowflake raises a stink on Thai bus

A petulant French snowflake caused a stir when a disgusted local filmed her brutishness and then published it online. Narong Thaopanya, 21, was travelling on a 260-mile bus journey from Bangkok to Sukhothai province in northern Thailand when a French...
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Faith in Chinese government unravels as coronavirus spreads

As the coronavirus spreads, many sources are leaking that the infected numbers are much higher. As Chinese government leaders flee to the mountains, citizen rage on the ground is boiling over. Read a timeline of the crisis since in hit on January 1.
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Brawling expat woman bottled by Thai shopper

Action on Ko Phan Ngan got heated during a recent full moon party when two expat women got into a brawl outside a pharmacy...

Every Nigerian in Thailand under criminal investigation

Every single Nigerian person in Thailand is now under criminal investigation in 'Operation Back Eagle'. Hookers, pimps, English teachers, visa dodgers, dating site scammers,...

Zero dollar tours and the Chinese tourist problem in Asia

The Vietnamese are the latest to complain about Chinese tourists. Apparently they are running roughshod over tourist spots, scaring away higher paying European guests...

Drunken expats brawl in Shenzhen McDonald’s; man eats burger

Shenzhen is a town in southern China with a population of around 10 million people. Tons of expats come in and out of this...