Destroyed: New age feminist battles Cambodian tiger mom

Western feminist teaching in Cambodia

An Aussie new age feminist’s attempt to inflict social justice backfired spectacularly when the heathen she was saving turned out to be a powerful Asian tiger mom. The dispute left locals demanding increased screening of tourists allowed entry, while the Aussie hightailed it out of town.

Editor’s note: the pix are real, but faces have been changed for privacy reasons. To see the unedited faces, click here.


The trouble began with what looked like an innocent enough promotional post on a Kampot Facebook group:
Sweet Pallet Bar Kampot posts
A social justice warrior got triggered by the ad and went on public attack. To great amusement of the trolls, a fierce counterattack resulted:
Social justice warrior battles Tiger mom
The NGO quickly chimed in to deny any affiliation with the Aussie:
NGO denial

A drunken descent into feminism

The story took another amusing turn when internet detectives scoured the Aussie’s FB account. Previously a bartender, all of her pictures were either of her lecturing village kids kids or else getting wasted in expat bars:
Hammered Aussie at the bar
Yet another turn to the story happened when the Aussie’s previous city mates chimed in: she was a drunken wreck on the run:
Feminist drunken spiral


Austalian feminazi decides to mouth off in a public Cambodia forum against an Asian Tiger mom. Asian Tiger Mom calls out her colonial ignorance.

Feminazi goes dark, but failed to lock down her Facebook in time to prevent trolls from revealing her low-end drunken past.

Feminists everywhere sensed a disturbance in the force.

Triggered feminists

Over at Tiger Mom’s Sweet Pallet Bar, the party continues along the river as always:
Sweet Pallet bar Kampot
As for the Aussie feminist, the rumor is that she’s hit the bottle hard and continues to be easily triggered:
Triggered feminist