French snowflake raises a stink on Thai bus

Stinky French snowflake

A petulant French snowflake caused a stir when a disgusted local filmed her brutishness and then published it online.

Narong Thaopanya, 21, was travelling on a 260-mile bus journey from Bangkok to Sukhothai province in northern Thailand when a French woman took the seat behind him. She then rested her sweaty feet on the headrest and acted cunty.

“I asked her many times to put her legs on the ground and she would not do it. She just kept them in the air.”

Repeatedly, his requests were met with a blank stare and refusal to comply. That left him at a crossroads – either give her a slapping, or else take the high ground.


Crude, rude and stinky

In Thailand, feet are considered dirty, and it is extremely rude to point them at other people. In addition the head is considered sacred (never touch a Thai person on the head). Pointing ones feet at a Thai person’s head thus paints the perfect picture of cultural ignorance.

In the end, Frenchie kept her stank legs in the air while poor Narong gutted it out. “The smell from her feet was filling the whole bus – it made me feel sick, because her feet were next to my head.”
Filthy French snowflake