Drunken teacher craps pants: gets hosed down by locals

Drunk teacher

A British expat identified by his students was filmed walking around bottomless on Street 182 in Phnom Penh Cambodia with feces-stained trousers. A local janitor hosed the man down and another filmed as a crowd formed, waiting for the police.


According to Facebook comments, he was a teacher at Beltei, a low-end English language mill. A friend chimed in on FB once the story broke to defend him:
Drunken defence 1
However, when Internet Detectives released pix of the expat drunkenly huffing helium balloons in a local pub, rumors began to swirl that he simply shat himself in a drunken stupor.
Huffing helium
Debate raged on local forums, and the investigation continues…
Drunken defense 2

Credit: CambodiaExpatsOnline.com.