A collection of beatdowns on the drunken streets of Thailand

Woman does drop kick on sexpat in Pattaya

Thailand is the land of smiles – and wiry Muay Thai boxes with violent streaks.

Ten million tourists visit Thailand each year – many to enjoy drunken bouts of debauchery while being served by low-paid locals.

The locals deal with an endless stream of big white buffaloes loaded with cash that spend wantonly on booze, women and drugs. They will take a lot of shit from drunken expats, but there is a line never to cross.

WARNING: if you have a drunken row with a Thai person and make them lose face, fists are going to fly.

Case 1: beaten into autistic screeching

This story went down in 2016 on Pattaya’s infamous Walking Street. Trouble starts with a man (dressed in the classic sexpat uniform) aggressively trying to restrain a burly Thai woman.
Man holding back Thai woman

Eventually burly Thai pushes back and takes a swing.
Thai woman punches man

Sexpat steps back into a karate stance.
Sexpat fights with Thai woman

In the blink of an eye, burly Thai unleashes the hounds of hell:
Thai woman kicks drunk expat

Spinning side kick!! She drops him!!!!


Watch the whole fight below (special Mortal Kombat remix). The fight finishes with the sexpat in hasty retreat, screeching autisticaly through the crowd while fishing for non-existent sympathy:

Another version from Liveleak:

Case 2: the whole family gets pounded

This footage was captured in Hua Hin, where a trio of British holidaymakers (a man in his 40s and his mom and dad in their 60s) took a royal thrashing during boozing hours.

The CCTV footage shows the trouble starting when the British son touched a Thai man walking past him. The Thai pushed him back and then son stumbled (like he was hammered) into a heap.

Lord Fauntleroy’s mama then stepped in and put her hands on the Thai. A discussion ensures. Dad picks Fauntleroy off the ground.

Then the Thais snap. Watch for mama getting dropped by a straight jab, and a burly Thai hero who stepped in to save the family and held his own.

In the end, the Thai hero melted into the crowd, the family was left lying and the pack of jackals strolled off to get some noodles.

Case 3: manhandled by a jacked ladyboy

55-year-old Irishman Michael Merry was dancing a jig through the streets of Pattaya when a ladyboy came up and demanded sex. In hindsight, when a jacked monster like this demands an ass-pumping, the safest course of action might be to drop your pants.
Muscular ladyboy in Pattaya

Mr. Merry declined the Hulk’s kind offer. Refusing to take no for an answer, the labody grabbed him one arm and stroked his cock with the other. Appalled, the Irishman pushed lusty to the ground. It was at that point the ladybody hulked up, took off a stiletto and used it as a shillelagh to bash the Irishman’s head.
Bloody Irishman in Pattaya

Cops rushed to the scene and punished the Hulkster with a fine.

Credit: metro.co.uk