Passport forger stuffs dead Hungarian in freezer

Bangkok expat admits to murder

Cops forced their way in to a commercial building on Soi Sukhumvit in Bangkok and arrested a gang of fake passport dealers.

Matichon Online reports that a gaggle of shady expats were busted. During the arrests, one of the crooks fired shots in a failed escape attempted, wounding one Thai officer.

Once that brouhaha settled, the cops then found a dead blond man in the freezer.

One week later, ThaiVisa reported that the suspected ringleader of the gang admitted to murder. “Peter” (real indentity still not confirmed) told investigators at Phrakhanong police station that he attacked the man over a debt.

He was joined in the attack by a man who later died (who he claims to have creamted at a local template).

As for the dude in the freezer, he is beleived to be a Hungarian national in his 40s.