Every Nigerian in Thailand under criminal investigation

Operation Black Eagle Thailand

Every single Nigerian person in Thailand is now under criminal investigation in ‘Operation Back Eagle’. Hookers, pimps, English teachers, visa dodgers, dating site scammers, drug dealers and even the good ones are all getting rounded up and probed.

Nigerian prostitutes arrested in Bangkok
Nigerian booty busted @ the Nana Hotel in Bangkok

On Friday, Tourist Police chief Maj. Gen. Surachet Hakpal stated that they are now targeting all Nigerians in Thailand for investigation, while showing off illegal expats nabbed in a sweep across Bangkok language schools and (of course) Khao San Road.

Nabbed in the sweep were Russian goons, Indian miscreants, Laotian schemers, Uganadan headhunters and Nigerian princes.

The sweeps were called Operation Black Eagle because police often published mostly black suspects. Surachet confirmed they are targeting Nigerians. “This doesn’t mean all Nigerians are bad people,” he said. “Black Eagle is to separate the bad eagles from the good.”

He told reporters that there are around 1,400 Nigerians in Thailand. All will be investigated next week.