Drunken Aussie beaten dead by American MMA bruiser

MMA bruiser charged for murder in Pattaya

Asia is a dangerous place. In fact you have no idea who the person sitting next to you is.

Picture a scene where a puffy Melbourne dad is 12 hours into his holiday. He’s got all kinds of stresses and is here in Pattaya to blow off some steam.
Aussie dad on holiday in Pattaya

Robb heads over to the Ruby Bar on Soi 6 – the gimmick here is cheap beer and hot girls. It attracts older and younger men and is one of the many popular bars on the street. Inside you’ll find dad, grandpa, your priest and your high school principal, more or less.
Lineup of girls outside Ruby Bar Pattaya

Robb starts getting too drunk for his own good and belligerent. He grabs a waitress by the throat and starts to squeeze.
Cops testifies in THailand

Enter MMA bruiser ‘Mister Polanco’.
Mister Polanco spreads his wings

According to witnesses, after Robb started to squeeze, Mister Polanco tried to calm down the situation. Unfortunately drunken Robb was having none of it and took a swing at Mister Polanco.

It was at that point Mister Polanco snapped into a pure maelstrom of steroid-fueled aggression. He threw an unanswered 10-punch combo then threw the drunk across the bar. In pure animal rage, Mister Polanco then stomped on his face around 15 times until Robb went limp.

How the case concluded

Robb was rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital and died several hours later from his massive injuries. Mr. Polanco turned himself in and faces 15 years in prison. Pictured below is Mister Polanco speaking to the cops with the waitress who he saved from being choked.
Mister Polanco and the woman


More details: 9news.com.au


As for the moral of the story, it is to never get in a fight in Asia. If you fight a local then dozens will swarm you. If you fight an expat it could be a rage-fueled bruiser like Mister Polanco and go wrong in a hurry.