Action on Ko Phan Ngan got heated during a recent full moon party when two expat women got into a brawl outside a pharmacy in Haad Rin.

Expat women brawl in Thailand
The women were holding their own before the bottle came smashing down

According to what we gathered through (now deleted) Facebook and Imgur posts, the trouble started when two Thai males walked out of a pharmacy, angered at a blonde woman eating while sitting on the road.

Apparently they found it disrespectful, which is why they changed out of the pharmacy and started a fuss. The blonde hits both men before the second one hits back. A brawl explodes. Blonde pulls a runner while her brunette friend absorbs blows. The blonde then re-enters the fray, then pulls another runner.

A dancing Indian appears for a camera, and then the brunette gets smoked in the head with a bottle. The blonde is nowhere in sight. Watch the video:

Conclusion: staying safe as an expat in Thailand

  1. Foreign tourists need to be educated to adapt to Thai culture, not the other way around
  2. The social and legal protection women enjoy in the west does not carry over to other cultures
  3. When any expat puts their hands on a local in Asia, they will surely be beaten down – whether they are a man or woman makes no difference