Shenzhen is a town in southern China with a population of around 10 million people. Tons of expats come in and out of this trade city, many to do business. In most cases the density, pollution and Romulan-level cunning can overwhelm expats and drive them to drink.

In China, there is no better way to cap off a night of drink than with a massive helping of McDonald’s. Check into any Macker’s late on Friday or Saturday and you’ll find plenty of sloppy drunk expats getting in a feed.

Chaotic Shenzhen fight between expats
Expats enjoying a late night meal at the Shenzhen McDonald’s

Drunk, sloppy and burned out from the China grind, expats can sometimes get fighty.

Below, a belligerent drunk named Chumbo antagonizes a young preppy until the preppy hulks up. Preppy first snaps out a punch that knock’s Chumbo’s glasses clean off his head.

With fluid motion, he followed straight through with a judo throw that puts Chumbo down.


Chumbo gets forced face down ass up, then absorbs a slapping:


Suddenly, Chumbo’s buddy Salmon Polo steps in. Unfortunately, he fares no better, taking a menu screen to the dome:


As the action unfolded, a bald laowai cooly reached the best part of his burger.


As tempers cooled, the burger was indeed finished:


Watch the entire video below:


Source: Reddit