Stinky French snowflake

French snowflake raises a stink on Thai bus

A petulant French snowflake caused a stir when a disgusted local filmed her brutishness and then published it online. Narong Thaopanya, 21, was travelling on a 260-mile bus...
Chaotic Shenzhen fight between expats

Drunken expats brawl in Shenzhen McDonald’s; man eats burger

Shenzhen is a town in southern China with a population of around 10 million people. Tons of expats come in and out of this trade city, many...
Drunk teacher

Drunken teacher craps pants: gets hosed down by locals

A British expat identified by his students was filmed walking around bottomless on Street 182 in Phnom Penh Cambodia with feces-stained trousers. A local janitor hosed the...
Western feminist teaching in Cambodia

Destroyed: New age feminist battles Cambodian tiger mom

An Aussie new age feminist's attempt to inflict social justice backfired spectacularly when the heathen she was saving turned out to be a powerful Asian tiger mom....

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Expat women brawl in Thailand

Brawling expat woman bottled by Thai shopper

Action on Ko Phan Ngan got heated during a recent full moon party when two expat women got into a brawl outside a pharmacy...