Woman does drop kick on sexpat in Pattaya

A collection of beatdowns on the drunken streets of Thailand

Thailand is the land of smiles - and wiry Muay Thai boxes with violent streaks. Ten million tourists visit Thailand each year - many to enjoy drunken bouts...
MMA bruiser charged for murder in Pattaya

Drunken Aussie beaten dead by American MMA bruiser

Asia is a dangerous place. In fact you have no idea who the person sitting next to you is. Picture a scene where a puffy Melbourne dad is...
Bangkok expat admits to murder

Passport forger stuffs dead Hungarian in freezer

Cops forced their way in to a commercial building on Soi Sukhumvit in Bangkok and arrested a gang of fake passport dealers. Matichon Online reports that a...
Drugs detected inside a South African's belly

Coke smuggler busted at Phnom Penh Airport

Cambodian police detained a South African man at Phnom Penh International Airport after a tip led to the discovery of 100 plastic-wrapped bullets of cocaine rammed up...
Soldiers patrolling opium fields in Myanmar

Drugs in Asia and the Golden Triangle

A massive drug operation is based out of the Golden Triangle region of SE Asia. Heroin was once the biggest moneymaker here, but methamphetamine (‘yaba’) has taken...

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Chinese tourists

Zero dollar tours and the Chinese tourist problem in Asia

The Vietnamese are the latest to complain about Chinese tourists. Apparently they are running roughshod over tourist spots, scaring away higher paying European guests...